We’re a professional China keychain manufacturers and China keychain suppliers with 22-year experience. High quality keychain can be used for awards, souvenirs, promotional gifts, special event ex. wedding, decoration etc.

​Each keychain has its own significance and culture, each design is a unique and a piece of art for designers. Keychain can be made with rich resin enamel colors that are hand syringed into die struck debossed sections .The colors are filled individually by hand.

The key chain is usually made of metal, leather and plastic, etc. Its shape is daedal and delicate. It is widely use in people’s daily life. 

There are many different shapes of key chain, such as cartoons, famous brands and so on. They are usually made of metal with plating coating and with colors filled. 

The key chain has been a gift. It becomes a public souvenir for the new product promotion, tourist attractions and company’s brand publicity.