Pet Tags


Pet tags are the little flat tags which are worn on pets’ collars; or harnesses. The pet tags contain information to enable someone to contact the owner when pets are lost.

Pet tags are usually made of iron, stainless or brass, which can be coated with nickel , gold or black nickel plating.  For pet tags made of stainless, it usually takes the brushed effect on surface without plating. The personal design with contact information about the owner’s name or telephone or address are engraved or printed on pet tags which covers various shapes, round, bone-like, heart-shaped, shield shaped, paw shaped etc.

Some pet tags are also filled in enamel for the logos, soft enamel or imitation hard enamel are available. The bright color tone can catch someone’s eyes so that the lost pets can be found out easily. 

To help your beloved pets returning to you while they are lost, pet tags are an ideal helper. Your inquiry is welcome. We can supply good quality pet tags in fast delivery.