UV Printing On Soft Enamel


In the past, printing patterns could only be printed on the surface of new enamel badges and medals and keyrings etc, but since we have a new printing machine, printing on the surface of soft enamel badges or keyrings etc has become a reality.

The machine’s name is UV printing machine. UV printing is a kind of printing non-contact with objects。Because of this, it can easily print patterns on the soft enamel surface which is recessed from the metal line.

Samples shown are for reference only

The design stored in the computer connected to the UV printing machine can be printed onto our badges/keyrings/medals etc neither film nor screen necessary. Whether it is a single color pattern, full-color pattern or a pattern with excessive colors, eitherit can be printed out at one time by CMYK colors.

Samples shown are for reference only

The printing logo can be laid on colored or uncolored surface, for example on soft enamel badges or new enamel badges or plain metal surface or even raised metal surface.  Also the UV printing can reduce the cost and shorten the production time of the medal badges, medals and keyrings etc.

Samples shown are for reference only

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