Metal Bookmarks


We supply all various bookmarks which are made of brass or stainless. To avoid twisting the pages,generally bookmarks are thin. Photo etching is one the most popular and highly recommended among all our available production processes to deliver delicate designs on thin metal materials. Metal bookmarks look very elegant and metallic feel. Nickel, silver, gold, matt or antique plating are available for metal bookmarks in case of any oxygenation. But Stainless metal bookmarks just leave metallic  look without the plating.
The production processes of metal bookmarks usually covers piercing, engraving, brushing and enamel crafts depending on the different designs. The exquisite Metal bookmarks are satisfied by our clients. Feedback us with more orders.

Metal bookmarks are the thin markers, used to keep the readers’ place in a book, and to enable the readers to go back to it in a easy way.  Many metal bookmarks can be clipped on a page with the aid of a page –flap.

Do you like metal bookmarks? If so, please feel free to keep us informed and we will try our best to supply the good quality metal bookmarks to you.