Flag Lapel Pins


Flag lapel pins are the perfect way to take your country sign with you wherever you go. A reminder close to your heart represents where you come from. The popular flag lapel pins could be attached to your suit coat, cap, shirt, collar, bags, rucksacks and jacket by a butterfly clasp. As well as you could collect all kinds of flag lapel pins to represent where you have visited.

Flag lapel pins can be made of iron or copper die struck. The popular sizes of flag lapel pins are measured 19*16mm for a single flag pin or 28*18mm for a double-flagged with colorful enamel filled. Normally flag lapel pins have nickel or gold color plated metal border around the flags to be more attractive.

It would be welcome to request any flag combination for double flag lapel pins. Just let us know which flag you want on the left and which one on the other side. No matter what flag lapel pins you're looking for, Kotar would supply you with the most competitive prices.

Besides, all custom pins are available with brilliant enamel colors according to the Pantone Matching System. Most custom pins also could be transformed into any shape you are looking for. The possibilities are endless. Just send us your artwork and we will do the rest for you.