Money Clip


Money clip, in terms of words, is a kind of metal clip used to clamp paper money.A money clip for holding a stack of paper currency in folded condition and so constructed as to allow easy removal of any single bill in the stack while the remainder of the stack remains intact in the clip.
The upper-most clip member may also carry a logo, and has an upwardly bent end preferably to facilitate insertion of an edge of the stack of bills. 

Our money clips are made of stainless steel, brass and copper. Copper money clip can be matched with nickel, gold, antique and other electroplating colors while stainless steel money clip retains its original metal color.


The logo on the money clip can be either photo etched on or printed on, or laser on etc.

In addition, we have the existing moulds for several money clips. You just need to choose the shape of your favorite money clip and add your customized logo to it. It’s much more convenient and cost-effective because you don’t need to pay for the mould charge of the money clip.
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