Bottle Opener Keychain


A bottle opener keychain is an equipment that enables the removal of metal bottle caps from bottles. A Bottle opener keychain include corkscrews used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles. 

A metal bottle cap is affixed to the edge of the neck of a bottle by being pleated or ruffled around the edge. A bottle opener keychain is a specialized lever inserted underneath the pleated metalwork, which uses a point on the bottle cap as a fulcrum on which to pivot.  Bottle opener is almost used at each family.  


We usually supply bottle opener keychain made of stainless, iron or zinc alloy.  Bottle opener keychain can be marked with your branded logo which is filled in enamel or printed. And bottle opener keychain can be created into different shapes and styles to meet clients' designs. 

Your inquiry is welcome and expected at any time if the bottle opener chains are interested to you.