Stick Pin


Many businesses use stick pin designated to honor achievement and membership. Stick pin engraved with an accomplishment element of employee recognition programs, is presented to individuals as praise to their performance. It can be an elegant decoration to any suit, bag or hat, or it can be a nice gift for your friends or family, also can be a mark of a company or group.

A nice finished customized stick pin can be used for charity awards, souvenirs, promotional gifts for special Events ex… events ex wedding, decoration etc. Each stick pin with its own significance and culture is a unique and a piece of art.

Stick pin can be made of zinc alloy, iron, copper and other materials. The colors of electroplating can be bright gold/silver/nickel/copper or black nickel, antique finishing…etc.

The wreath decorative stick pin, the colors of imitation hard enamel quality with gold plating, delivers high-class finish.

Irregular shaped stick pin is made of Iron soft enamel with gold or imitation gold plating.

Welcome to know more information about our stick pin. We are exciting at being able to working with you to transform your ideas and your designs into a beautiful stick pin.