Are There Any Medals That You Like ?


A medal may be awarded to a person or an organization as a form of recognition or accomplishment for example Olympics, sports, charity, at work, promotional gifts, military or scientific etc.

With the changers of the times, there are more options and crafts available in the production of medal which deliver more and more mature and sophisticated presence.

To meet the era of fasting moving and improve the issue of cost increasing, we are very happy at offering clients available designated medals of which the costs are competitive with short delivery. Different from the traditional stamped medal, we can put your logo or your message onto the metal plane or acrylic sheets, this assembled with a fixed medal.


If clients’ ordered quantity is less than 300 medals, and clients haven’t ample budget, we are highly recommended the available medals with printed or lasered design to have cost-saving without affecting quality. 

Are you interested in any available printing medal? The medal price is economical, welcome for your inquires.