Significant Ribbon Badge


A wide variety of ribbon badge option is available, such as 2D or 3D made of iron, copper and zinc alloy with different plating. As well as you can choose ribbon badge made ofprinted process , satin ribbon and embroidery.

Satin ribbon badge is a great way to raise awareness of cancer. Different colored satin ribbon badges have different meanings. For example, white ribbon badge is used to represent lung cancer, pink ribbon badge stands for the care of breast cancer, and yellow for bone cancer. More and more we find attendees wearing colored ribbon badges at many events. 

Satin ribbon badge attached with printing tin button displays important information providing identification to individual such as speakers, attendees, or members of the media. It is an important and valuable networking tool for any business or social event. During conferences ribbon badge will help draw attention as well as provide recognition for accomplishments.


Many businesses or schools usethis kind of ribbon badge as a recognition program for their associates or students. This is also a great way to reward those members of your team who make your company successful! Wearing imprinted named  during an event can create a feeling of accomplishment and pride! 


Ribbon badge is the perfect way to recognize, designate, and identify your attendees during meetings, conferences, and events with reasonable budget! Start purchasing ribbon badge today to add some colors, creativity and fun to your next meeting by attaching ribbon badge to your name badge holders!