Award Medal & Metal Medallions In Various Shapes


Award medal and metal medallions are usually made of iron, copper or zinc alloy which can show the details perfectly. Award medal or metal medallions are made of the flat, round piece of metal which has been molded, cast, stamped or some way marked with a logo, portrait or symbol. Award medal and metal medallions are awarded to the persons or organizations for the various achievements. 


Samples shown are for reference only

Award medal and metal medallions can also be produced ina rectangle, shield or star shape even if award medal and metal medallions would usually be named as a plaquette. And medal medallions are sometimes improperly regarded as an award medal.


Over-sized award medal and metal medallions may also be called table medals because they are too big to be worn, but be suitable at displaying in the cabinet, on the shelf, or at a desk. Metal medallions might be over 100 centimetres, so this kind of Award medal and metal medallions weight a bit heavy. Very often the proper gift boxes will be ordered along with the purchase of award medals and metal medallions to help the recipients to either display or storage.


Samples shown are for reference only

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