How to Effectively Maintain the Lapel Pin?


After the enamel lapel pin is finished, reasonable maintenance is indispensable during use. The correct maintenance can guarantee the appearance of the lapel pin and effectively extend its service life. How do we effectively protect the badge? As a lapel pin manufacturer, we have the following recommendations.

Samples shown are for reference only

1. Pay attention to the perishable moisture which will degrade metal lapel pin, especially in the dark and humid places; keep lapel pin away from kitchens and bathrooms, should be placed in a cool and ventilated room, and check the surface of the lapel pin regularly. 

2. The protection method for accidental damage is mainly to isolate badges. Whenever you read lapel pin, wear thin gloves and gently handle lapel pin to avoid lapel pin colliding with hard objects.

Samples shown are for reference only

3. For metal lapel pin, gently wipe off the dirt and water stains on the surface of the lapel pin and put lapel pin into a closed or semi-closed package, place it in a dry and ventilated cabinet. It is important that any chemical insecticides such as camphor must be kept lapel pin away to avoid direct corrosion on the badge.

Samples shown are for reference only

4. Some lapel pins are too dry after long-term exposure to sunlight, which can cause damage, so lapel pin should not be stored in a place with direct sunlight. Quality of lapel pin could go bad after having been exposing in sunlight for long time. So, lapel pin should not be stored in any place with direct sunlight. 

Therefore, it is very important to carry out timely maintenance of lapel pin, in order to extend its service life. 

Samples shown are for reference only