No Touch Key---a Key to a Safer World


The COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted through not only direct contact with infected people but also indirect contact with surfaces in the immediate. We’re seeing a similar phenomenon today with three technologies: speech recognition, facial recognition, and digital money, none was invented to assist with Covid-19 protection at the first place but they help to lower the risks of indirect contact. Sometimes, a new technology arrives just in time to save us from a problem that the existed technology isn’t helpful to solve. Here comes no touch key.


No touch key is a No contact door opener tool and germ free door opener key made of antimicrobial copper or brass. Pathogens cannot survive, no touch key allows you to keep your hands free and avoid touching door handles, toilet flush handles, key pads, ATM keypads, elevator buttons, store checkout payment pads etc.


Made of a solid piece of brass or copper, the no touch key help you open doors & use on shared surfaces. By using the no touch key you avoid direct contact and being contaminated. You also lower the risk of spreading germs.

– Toilet Handles — 100%
 – Elevator Buttons — 90% 
 – Door Handles — 68%
 – ATM Buttons — 73%
 – Sink Faucet — 83%

No touch key-- not only a tool to open doors but also as carabiner, bottle opener, stylus, screwdriver, hex wrench and so on, which is smaller than a business card and just thicker than a key. No touch key is easy to carry to fit in any pocket, and featured a hole to attach to your keychain, so it is your “edc” (every day carry) keychain hook.