Name plate


Name plate is often used as a symbol of the status position of the company's employees, and belongs to different departments. A common element of employee recognition is name plate, which can also speak for the achievements of work performance.

There are several production methods of name plate, printing, laser, casting and so on. Name plate can be made of zinc alloy, iron, copper and as well as other materials. The color of electroplating can be bright gold/silver/nickel/copper or black nickel, antique finishing and etc.

Zinc alloy casting, in fill with the color and with matt nickel plated of the name plate.

Ex. Zinc alloy casted name plate with paint in filled ant matt nickel plated.

Stainless steel with magnetism is one the best materials for magnetic name plate.

Laser marking can be a simple style/Laser marking can deliver/present a simple but elegant style. The use/application of laser is competitive in price, fast in production time, relatively easy to meet the low budget etc. Name plate is unique, shows self temperament.

Name plate is multi-functional, welcome to know more about us and our production.

Just send us your artwork; we will do the rest for you.  We are exciting at being able to work with you to transform your ideas into a beautiful name plate.