Different platings of iron soft enamel pins


Our iron soft enamel pins can be made into different plating colors according to customers' requirements.

Nickel plating is one of the most common plating colors, similar to silver, the most competitive prices.

Gold plating iron soft enamel pins appear high-end and not oxygenized when time goes by, relatively speaking, it's price is also on the high side.

Imitation gold plating is similar to gold plating, but the price is cheaper than gold plating. It’s an ideal option if you are looking for pins with gold color look and with limited budget.

Black nickel plated iron soft enamel pins are usually equipped with black rubber butterfly clutches.

In addition, there are antique platings, such as: antique nickel, antique brass, antique copper and so on. The antique plating enamel pins are wear-resistant and high-grade. From another point of view to show the beauty and characteristics of the badge.