How to Design Customized Lapel Pin?


Customized Lapel Pin is a flexible promotional product which produces fun and may be used for various occasions ex. corporate events for increasing consciousness of your favorite cause. Wearing it on your own top, tote, uniform and much more. The choices are endless!



At KOTAR, we provide a wide range of options of colors, finishes, shapes etc. to pick from. This guarantees you getting what you need depending on the design you send to Customized Lapel Pin.


There are just a few steps to create a Personalized Customized Lapel Pin design


The first step is to select the size you would like to make.


Next step is to select the enamel type you would like you’re your Customized Lapel Pin; can be new enamel pin, soft enamel or no enamel.


3rd step : After the size and shape decided, you need to choose the finish and materials. Most of our products are made from bronze, iron or zinc alloy as the base metal. Then comes the option of plating  includes shiny gold, silver, copper, bronze, nickel, antique finish etc. After we review your design, we can decide if we should proceed die struck or cast it. Casting is a great option when it there are small cutouts in the design.


Finally, a quote based on your options and the purchased quantity will be sent to you.