The star of party-glass charm


Glass charm is beautiful, mini and distinguished. It is very popular and necessary for parties and wedding. With your individualized design and our professional production, you will attract focusing attention from crowd.

Glass charm presence at private gathering will make your guests feel safer and more exclusive. Whenever you leave or change drinks, you can be pretty sure your glass will return to you. Glass charm can elegantly distinguish each guest’s glass.

How to make a glass charm? It can be made of different materials, shapes, production processes, depends on your budget and design. Different shapes of glass charms can be matched different personalized logos.  Glass charms with soft or new enamel colors in filled for glass charms are high quality and trendy.

Glass charms can be made of the thin metal plate without color infilled. They are very simple but popular and at competitive prices. It is especially suitable for all kinds of promotion and public relations activities, not only decorating the glass but also identifying your message. Please send us your own artwork for glass charms, we will suggest proper production process accordingly.