The popular accessories of badges


As the saying goes:a good horse must have a good saddle,  a beautiful and exquisite badge should be with a suitable badge accessories. Today, we would like to introduce our popular badge accessories:

1. Safety accessory: safety pin or brooch


Safety pin is mainly used for large badges , its advantage is firmer than butterfly clutch with stud nail. Safety pin is fixed on the back of the badge by specific glues or tin and with the same color of electroplating of badge itself except of the printed badges.

Usage: Safety pin is composed of tow parts: the needle and the body of the pin. Pull down the pin switch and then close the pin switch after pinning through the clothes.

2.Comfortable accessory: Butterfly clutch with Stud nail 

Stud nail is the commonest badge accessory. It’s usually used with butterfly clasp. tie tac and other badge accessories. The lengths of the nails mainly include 8mm (commonly used), 10mm, 12mm, 14mm etc..

Usage: The tip of the nail is sharp, pinning through the clothes then with a clasp clutching on. For printed badge, the nail is glued onto the back.