Combined Metal Badges


Metal badges can be made of different materials and processes. If you like to have different finishes in one badge, the combined metal badge is an ideal option. As different finishes may not be completed in one process, combined badges can be delivered the finish you expect.    

For example, one part is zinc alloy new enamel and the other part is iron soft enamel, we can combine 2 parts in one badge. A combined badge can be 2-in- one or 3-in-one or even more, which bases on your design and our production technology. You also can use one badge as the base, then changing different logo plates on to the base badge.

How do we affix different metal parts in one badge? We may use adhesives or special accessories etc..  Sometimes, you may not find the badge is made from two or several parts if we don’t remind you.

In general, combined badges are able to meet customers’ requires of one badge bearing multiple finishes.