The features between Printing and Color-in-filled for Badges & Keyrings


For badges or keyrings, the colors of the designs or logos are shown by either enamel (color-in-filled) or printing progresses. Enamel includes soft enamel and imitation hard enamel, hard enamel. Printing includes silk-screen printing and off-set printing (CMYK).


For a finished item, enamel finishing looks more traditional and classic with lays of graphics (sense of depth) and the gradation is distinct. Enamel progress is usually available for a simple design relative to a complicated one. 

If size is workable, it also works for a complicated design.



Printing finishing item feels smooth instead of lays of graphics.  it is usually available for the complicated designs or logos besides the simple ones, as well as the designs with tone color. Especially for the smaller sized metal products;

It will respect better the color tone in the original design. General speaking , if the item is too small for enamel,  General speaking, we will suggest the printing progress instead of enamel’s if the required item is too small for enamel filled in.


 To be printing or color-in-filled for your design, we can design it based on the size, specifications and your final request.