New Popular: EDC Touch Key Chain


EDC=Every Day Carry, before this year, people may carry cell phone, wallet, wearing watch every day. But in 2020, there is a big public health emergency around the world, the pandemic “novel coronavirus” which has changed our lives dramatically. People are easy to be infected with the virus by touching public objects. Therefore, the multifunctional EDC touch key chain becomes popular.



You can use the EDC touch key chain to open the door, press the button on the elevator/ATM, also some EDC touch key chains can serve as a bottle opener too. It helps us to avoid the direct contact with the public objects, a helpful and convenient EDC gadget.





Many researches found the CU+ of copper/brass having antibacterial properties. So we suggest that the EDC touch key chain made of copper/brass can be on your list of the ideal PPE.


Finally, Kotar has many designs of EDC touch key chain available. Welcome to send us your requirements, we will offer you the best prices and professional service.