Imitation Nickel Plating for metal products designed to come into direct and prolonged skin contact


As we know that most of metal products (such as pins, metal plates, metal medals, custom made key chains, metal badges) will be coated an electroplating on the surface. The plated coating can protect the original material from oxidizing easily and different plating colors shown different finish looks. There is “nickel” in most of plating coatings.  

The presence of nickel in certain products which are intended to come into direct and prolonged skin contact, like jewellery, may cause sensitization of humans to nickel and may lead to allergic reactions. So metal products such as bracelets, necklaces, and pendants need to be coated the imitation nickel. The imitation nickel plating is also called ‘nickel free’ which is not really nickel free, but is not detected in the “nickel release” test and the test result meets requirements of Nickel Directive.