Metal bookmarks


Metal bookmarks, as the name suggests, are bookmarks made of gold. Since metal bookmarks break the traditional paper bookmarks, there is another kind of metal texture, which is more and more widely used as gifts and collectibles.

Through corrosion, electroplating, electrophoresis, polishing, screen printing, drawing. Corrosion of raw materials forming gold card size. A layer of anti-oxidation oxidation layer is added to the overall background color of electroplating electrophoresis to play a role of non-fading.

Polishing is the use of flexible polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media to modify the surface of the workpiece. Polishing can not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric accuracy of bookmarks, but to get a smooth surface or mirror gloss, silk screen printing text, icons, etc., the use of special ink double protection does not fade, no fading.

The common process uses silk screen bump codes to make the gold card more textured. Gold card four-color process: Improve the clarity of the gold card and enhance the texture of the gold card more beautifully. The brushed shape of the surface of the metal card is more novel, with stripes, touch, and a richer appearance.