The purpose of the pin


Pin Badge, a flexible needle, mostly made of metal. One end is fixed, the other end is sharp and can be opened and closed, mostly fixed by metal. Used to hold pieces of cloth, paper, etc. together.


Pin Print


Divided into pins, and paper clips (paper clips, also known as safety pins). There are many types of pins such as: Enamel Pins, Cloisonne Pins, Etched Enamel Pins, Stick Pins.


The purpose of the pin:


1. A needle used to fix medals, silk cloth or paper strips in clothes.


2. A category of decorations on the neckline or bosom.


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In fact, the invention of paper clips originated in the 19th century. In order to quickly and accurately find a piece of reasonable information from a pile of documents, people began to use staples by tailors to pin the documents on the paper, but often Prick your fingers. The idea of inventing a class of safe and reasonable office equipment was basically formed in the brains of three people at the same time, but at present, it is generally believed that the inventor of the paper clip is a Norwegian mathematician John Waller, because the three people The date indicated on their hand-drawn sketches is the earliest - 1899.