Types of keychains


Keychain is a daily tool for managing various keys, whether it is car keys, house keys, etc. Once there are too many keys, if they are not kept properly, they will easily lead to loss, so keychains are needed. The key chain can manage these commonly used keys well to prevent them from being lost. Commonly used keychains are of the following types:




1. Car key chain


The car key chain has become a small gift, which can be given to friends or yourself to express your heart.




2. Couple buckle


Couple key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry. It is a craft boutique for brand promotion and business promotion, and it is also a novel gift. The back can also laser LOGO, personalized custom key chain.


Product use: commemorative promotional items for corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school celebration souvenirs, advertising and other industries.


3. Car logo buckle


The car logo key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy car accessories, the surface is treated with anti-rust treatment by dripping oil or plating rare metals; it is an exquisite small gift for car owners in the car 4S shop, and it is also a must-have for car owners. Pendants, personalized fashion items.


Product use: commemorative promotional items for corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, souvenirs and other industries.


4. Souvenir buckle


Fuwa is the mascot of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Its color and inspiration come from the five Olympic rings, China's vast mountains and rivers, rivers, lakes and seas, and people's favorite animal images. Fuwa conveys to children all over the world friendship, peace, positive and enterprising spirit and the good wish of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Fuwa is five lovely close friends, and their shapes incorporate the images of fish, giant pandas, Tibetan antelopes, swallows and the Olympic flame. Each doll has a catchy name: "Beibei", "Jingjing", "Huanhuan", "Yingying" and "Nini". In China, overlapping sound names are a way to express love for children. a traditional way. When you connect the names of the five dolls together, you will read out Beijing's warm invitation to the world, "Welcome to Beijing". Fuwa represents dreams and aspirations of the Chinese people. Their prototypes and headgear contain their connection with the sea, forest, fire, earth and sky, and their image design applies the expression of traditional Chinese art, showing the splendid culture of China.


5. Crystal buckle


The material of crystal and cast steel and the manufacturing process are exquisite and durable, and are very popular among young friends. At the beginning, ROC may also have considered the "cold face and cool shape" of hardware, and changed the design of these keychains from the past. The exquisite shape is very attractive to little girls. And when summer comes, it is also a good decoration.


6. Solar Buckle


Solar flashing keychain is the latest developed and produced product for solar applications. It utilizes the power supply principle of low-light amorphous silicon solar cells to make high-quality LCD flash and shine. It is a craft boutique for brand promotion and a novel gift. Symphony LCD display, full of fun and sense of technology between flashes.


Product Usage:


Corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school anniversary souvenirs. Commemorative cards for the opening of hotels and buildings and commemorative promotional items for banking, telecommunications, Internet, insurance, post and telecommunications, communications, railways, aviation, shipping, advertising and other industries.


The front is flashing on one side, and the back is laser paper.


7. In addition to static electricity buckle


The functional electrostatic key chain is a key chain that eliminates static electricity in daily life such as the human body, cars, computers, and household appliances. When in use, hold the keychain to touch the object with static electricity to eliminate static electricity.


Product Features


Wide: It can eliminate all daily life static electricity (excluding industrial static electricity) such as the human body, automobiles, computers, and metal objects;


Fast: The time to eliminate static electricity is 0.2 seconds to 3 seconds; Best: It can completely eliminate static electricity hazards;


Safety: Without any toxic side effects and dangers, it is an absolutely safe and environmentally friendly product.




1. Use your thumb to lightly touch the oval touch button without force.


2. Then use the conductive material on the head of the product to contact the conductor (such as: cars, human bodies, computers, iron railings, metal objects, etc.) for discharge, and the LCD screen pattern will be completely displayed during discharge.


(Remarks: If you want to verify whether the function of this product is effective, please touch the ordinary TV screen or computer screen to check, it will be more obvious when turning on and off.) Built-in LCM module, driving LCD pattern display, no battery required, long-term use.


8. Electronic buckle


Keychain electronic tags can be widely used in access control, parking, public transportation, identity authentication, attendance management, card payment, tickets, product labels, etc.


Electronic key chain related parameters:


Working frequency: low frequency/high frequency


Packaging material: ABS


Reading distance: 1 ~ 9m (related to the card reader and the use environment)


Working mode: read and write


Working temperature: -40°C to 100°C


Size: can be customized


Chip: TK4100, EM4200, M1, I code2, Ultralight, S70, T5577, etc.