Types of keychain materials


The Key chains are fashion accessories in the daily life of fashionistas. They have exquisite appearance and unique and diverse shapes. After wearing them, they can be decorated with their own style. There are different types of keychain materials, and the functions and uses of keychains made of different materials are different.


Key chains


Types of keychain materials:


PVC soft key chain


PVC soft key chain is also called glue key chain, soft key chain, glue key chain, trace key chain.


(1). Using pvc Korean materials, DINP oil, and KM31 powder are environmentally friendly pvc, and have passed the certification of not containing phthalate {phthalate (or ester)}. Soft PVC products (micro-injection) are produced with imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique technology. They are all made of non-toxic PVC soft rubber materials that are popular in the world. Standards EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3. (Products sell well in European and American markets). The key chain part can be a key ring, which can be made into different shapes, sizes and specifications according to customer requirements, and can be printed with corporate LOGO patterns and cartoon shapes. The price is favorable, and it is an ideal gift for various corporate promotional activities.


(2) Various effects, the surface can be flat, 2D three-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, etc.; transparent oil can also be added to make it transparent and translucent; fluorescent powder can be added to make it luminous; essence can be added to make it scented; Small accessories such as a compass and a thermometer can be placed on it. Home decoration is suitable for various occasions and promotions are suitable for various industries. This product has a strong three-dimensional effect, bright colors, good hand feeling, good visual effects, and good decoration and advertising effects.


(3). They are beautiful in shape, small and exquisite; the diversity of patterns is also made from rich imagination. It has various patterns, including hearts, Christmas trees, butterflies, and various cartoons, various small animal shapes, very realistic , very cute, beautiful and generous, is a fashionable decoration, loved by boys and girls. The product has the characteristics of softness, long service life, and no irritation to the skin. It is a fashion keychain accessory that is quite popular in Europe and the United States, and it is also the best choice for new humans. It will make you cool!


It can be customized according to the size and shape you want, and the mold opening fee is generally not too expensive. The material is the most in jewelry stores; the disadvantage is that the color tends to become dull.


Acrylic keychain


That is, plexiglass, which is divided into imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, is transparent, and colored paper can be placed in the middle; the hardness of acrylic determines the degree of wear of the keychain. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages in addition to its unparalleled high brightness: good toughness, not easy to break; strong repairability, as long as soft foam is dipped in toothpaste to wipe the sanitary ware fresh; There is no feeling of cold and piercing; the color is bright, which can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes. Using acrylic to make basins, bathtubs, and toilets is not only exquisite in style, durable, but also environmentally friendly. Its radiation level is almost the same as that of the human body's own bones.


Zinc Alloy Abacus Keychain


Zinc alloy is also one of the metals with strong plasticity. Generally, the surface is treated with dripping paint or electroplating to make the product more beautiful. Surface treatment processes include: polishing, spot painting (baking paint), soft enamel, printing, oil spraying, sandblasting, and electroplating.


Leather Keychain


Leather keychain


The leather keychain is sewn with leather, divided into genuine leather, imitation leather, PU, and a key chain with a small light embedded in the middle, which can also be used for lighting at night or in dark places.


ABS key chain


Open an injection mold, inject it with ABS material, and then paint it. Because the cost of mold opening is high, generally the quantity is relatively large. Much better quality than PVC.


Crystal keychain


Generally, artificial crystals are used as materials, which can be made into crystal key chains of various shapes, and the cost generally ranges from one to tens of yuan. Crystal has become the favorite of fashion people. There is a song that says: "The love between me and you is like crystal, without burden, secret, clean and transparent. The love I give you is a beautiful crystal, and the unique light shines in our hearts." Crystal becomes symbol of purity.


Wood keychain


Various kinds of wood are used to carve patterns, and some of them are also engraved with words of blessing.


The types of materials are more common: rosewood, jujube, ebony and so on. Among them, jujube is believed to have the effect of warding off evil spirits in Taoism, so it is used more. (Although mahogany is also used to ward off evil spirits, the wood is relatively soft, so it is rarely used as a keychain.)


As for the types of patterns, there are many, the common ones are: statues of gods and Buddhas, twelve zodiac signs and various animal statues, etc. There are countless.