What determines the price of making medals


A medal, as the name suggests, is a symbol worn on the body to indicate identity and occupation. More and more industries or companies will "stick" an identity symbol on themselves in order to distinguish themselves from others. Medals are one of them, but the role of medals can not only indicate an identity and occasion, but also sometimes bring a certain corporate brand effect.



So, what determines the custom price of the medal?


There are two main factors that affect its price. First, the process of making medals, the medals of ordinary crafts are generally made of several materials such as copper, alloy, iron, etc. This kind of ordinary medals are relatively simple in workmanship and relatively cheap in price, usually only a few yuan. It can be customized; but the craftsmanship used in the medal of exquisite craftsmanship is relatively complicated, and a layer of pure gold and silver will be plated on the surface of the medal. In this way, the price will be several times higher than the price of ordinary medals, usually around tens of yuan , but exquisite workmanship, more popular with the public. Second, the size of the medal production. This point is very easy to understand. The size must have the most direct relationship with the amount of material used, so it will naturally directly affect the price of the entire medal customization.


In addition, metal medals are made of a variety of materials. The commonly used materials are cast copper, cast iron, cast aluminum, cast stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. These materials are suitable for making medals. You can choose different ones according to different price requirements. material for production. In addition, there is also a metal medal of real enamel. There are not many authentic medals of this material on the market, because its price is more expensive than that of ordinary imitation enamel, although the effect difference between the two is not much different. But if you look closely, you can still see at a glance that there are certain differences between the two.


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