How to customize the award medal


I often encounter customers asking how much is your medal? Then there is no size, no sample drawing, and no specific shape. In fact, it is difficult for medal manufacturers to quote prices at this time. Because the price of medals is accumulated little by little according to each process, if the medals are simple, it is fine, but for medals with complex processes, it does take some time to calculate and give an accurate quotation.



How to customize the award medals? In order to reduce the waiting time of customers and give accurate quotations, YUYA will introduce to you in detail that the unit price of customized award medals consists of the following parts:


2. The size of the awarding medal, the larger the size, the heavier the medal, and the more expensive the unit price.


1. In addition to the cost of raw materials, gold, silver and copper medals will be charged a corresponding processing fee per gram.


4. Color the award medals. According to the color, the more colors, the higher the price.


3. Medal electroplating, for two-color electroplating, the process is more complicated and the price will be higher.


6. Laser engraving, there is also a charge for laser engraving with special requirements.


5. The ribbon of the medal is priced according to the size and length.


7. The next step is the cost of assembly, packaging, logistics, loss and so on.


So if customers like our award medals or want to customize related medals, please contact YUYA. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing various medals and can solve all your needs. For custom medals, just state your product size and sample drawings, and we can produce according to your requirements.