What are the types of Pin Badge?


What are pin badges called? A Pin Badge, also known as a badge or brooch, is a small ornament used to show identity, support a team/organization, promote a brand, etc. It is usually made of metal, using copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other materials, and the surface is processed by electroplating, painting, silk screen and other processes. Patterns, text or logos can be presented on the Pin Badge in the form of printing, engraving or lettering. It usually uses one or more pins or clips to attach to clothing, bags, or other items. Pin Badges are widely used in parties, events, cultural exchanges, business events, etc., and can be used as gifts or souvenirs. According to different materials, designs and uses, Pin Badge can be divided into several types. Below are some common types of Pin Badges.


Metal Pin Badge


Metal Pin Badges are usually made of metals such as brass, copper, zinc alloy, or stainless steel. They are sometimes plated with nickel, silver or gold to enhance their appearance. Metal Pin Badge has the advantages of strong and durable, long life and exquisite appearance. They are usually used in business promotions, souvenirs, event gifts and more.


Pin Badge


Color Pin Badge


Colored Pin Badges are usually metal based but have a layer of colored paint added to the surface. The coating can be applied to the Pin Badge by spraying, printing or thermal transfer. Colorful Pin Badge can be produced in various colors and patterns, which are very suitable for decoration of clothing, backpacks, hats and other items, or as event signs and souvenirs, etc.


Fabric Pin Badge


Fabric Pin Badges are usually made from knitted or sewn cloth, which is then attached to a metal or plastic base. Fabric Pin Badge is usually used for logos, badges and other occasions, such as the military, police and fire stations and other organizations.


3D Pin Badge


3D Pin Badge is a Pin Badge with three-dimensional effect, usually made of plastic or rubber. They can create fine details and make patterns look more realistic. 3D Pin Badge can be used for branding, event souvenirs, sports team logos and more.


Enamel Pin Badge


Enamel Pin Badges are usually made of metal and filled with enamel. The colored paint is made from molten glass and can be created through a process of heating and cooling. Enamel Pin Badge has the characteristics of exquisite appearance, durability and long life, and is usually used in high-end gifts, commercial promotions and other occasions.


LED Pin Badge


LED Pin Badge is a kind of Pin Badge with luminous effect, usually made of plastic or metal. They come with a small LED light that can blink or glow in various colors in dark places. LED Pin Badge is usually used in evening parties, concerts, cultural events, etc., which can add more fun and interaction to the participants.


In conclusion, Pin Badge is a versatile decoration that can be suitable for various occasions and purposes. Whether you're making mementos, promotional items, team logos or personal decorations, you can choose the type of Pin Badge that suits you, and custom design and finish it as needed.