Insignia Badges


Insignia badges of honor are awarded for recognizing and rewarding those who have advanced work, established meritorious deeds or made contributions, even ribbon. The materials of insignia badges are diverse, zinc alloy, iron, copper, brass and even insignia badges with ribbon are more popular and pervasive among all the choices.



Samples shown are for reference only

The process for insignia badges can be die struck, injection, casting etc. Insignia badges are can be in different plating colours, gold, nickel, antique copper…



Samples shown are for reference only

Each Insignia badges has its own significance and culture, each design is a unique and a piece of art for each designer. As a part of an employee recognition program, customized insignia badges can signify a variety of achievements. Insignia badges are great rewards for sales teams or product development teams if they reach performance goal.



Samples shown are for reference only

Kotar is specialized at custom made products according to customers’ specifications, our professional team expects to have the chance to work with you to create your insignia badges even from your primary sketch.  



Samples shown are for reference only