Our company- Kotar has a long history of participating in exhibitions, which can be traced back to the 1990s. We had participated in some foreign exhibitions, such as the British gift show, the German gift show, the Italian gift show, the American gift Show and so on. For the domestic exhibitions, for example the Hong Kong Gift Show, the Shenzhen Gift Show, the Shanghai Gift Show and various related exhibitions held in other cities in China. At the exhibitions, we display different types of products through various forms, such as personalized keyrings, sports medals, metal lapel pins...etc. Let visitors have a comprehensive, intuitive and good understanding of our products!




Months before each exhibition, we’ll start preparing works of exhibitions carefully, such as selecting pretty, good quality badges, keyrings, medals, cufflinks, bookmarks etc… and clean them in order to show the better state of these products to visitors. Products will be displayed in different forms, such as paper photo-frames attached with various of high quality badges, keyrings, medals, cufflinks, bookmarks etc…on the walls, also display racks with badges, keyrings, medals, cufflinks, bookmarks etc…placed on the tables. We also will use video projection screen, a help introduction about the production process and displayed badges, keyrings, medals, cufflinks, bookmarks etc… Hope the video helps visitors have more clear and intuitive understanding of the production process and quality of badges, keyrings, medals, cufflinks, bookmarks etc…


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We offer free, elegant, useful and good quality sample books and E-catalogues to visitors. The sample book shows badges made of different material, processes and platings with Chinese-English bilingual markers, a great help for visitors to know and study the presentation of different finishes and their differences with reference samples in hand, “The sample books are very helpful and useful at work and having discussion with clients ”, very encouraging feedback received from clients often…