Meaningful Dog Tags


Dog tags can be personalized so that you can easily be contacted if you and your pets are separated, and ensure the safety of your pet if they wander off or get lost. You can specify any individual message on the back of dog tags, which means you have plenty of room to customize with your pet's name, home address, health situation and emergency contact information.

Dog tags are not only for pets, but also the informal name for the identification tags worn by military personnel.The dog tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers along with providing essential basic medical information for the treatment of the latter such as blood type and history of inoculations. Wearing of dog tags is required at all times by soldiers in the field. In the U.S., two identical tags aredistributed. One is worn on a long chain around the neck, the other one is on a much smaller chain attached to the long chain. 

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There are various production ways and different materials can be applied for dog tags, also size can be bigger or smaller than normal. We are pleased to suggest you the best suitable production way and material according to your logos, quantity and budgets to make meaningful dog tags.

Kotar products a wide range of custom personalized dog tags from classic ID tags to fun shaped pets’ ID tags, any logos of your favorite sports teams, fancy designs enhanced with crystals alluring attention etc.. From dainty to practical ,you will find the most competitive dog tags that we’re sure matching your expectation .