Popular Flag Badges


Our factory has been done many popular flag badges for our customers. Different flag badges have different significances. Some may be for big events, some may be for important commemoration days.

We can make different finishes for the flag badges, such as soft enamel, new enamel, printing and so on. Sometimes, we may make flag badges in two finishes in one flag badge. As not all details of the flag can be done with colors in filled, also they can’t be simplified aseithera national or regional or an organization or enterprises’ flag etc., very often we need to make the small details in printing. The application of two processes will be good to show all the details. 

Flag badges are not just normal souvenirs. Flag badges represent important meanings for our customers as well as for the people who wears them. We will take our production seriously and give our customerswith the best quality, competitive prices, and of course, the best service. Please tell us your ideas for the flag badges, we will give you our best suggestions.