The Production Steps Of Soft Enamel Of Badge


It is not easy to make badges because there might have many problems happened in production. What are the main problems? Let's look at the production steps of soft enamel of badge.


First, receive the confirmation of order and arrange the drawings/production artworks.


The second step to produce the mold after receiving approval of our production artwork as details in our productions might not be identical to the originals in the concern of production technology and demanded sizes.

The third step is to press the metal pieces.

The fourth step is to cut out the shape.

The fifth step is polish which will eliminate the burrs on the edges, and the surface of the polished badges is very smooth. However, in the process of polishing, we/the operating staff must pay attention to their strength. The improper strength affects soft enamel of badge not only unsightly, but also difficult at coloring if colors-in-filled is necessary.

Step 6, if the soft enamel of badge is ordered to be with fitting. When comes the welding process, the operating staffs need to pay attention to whether a single or multiple fittings are ordered--and also pay attention to the position, avoid wrong fitting or incorrect welding position.

Step 7 is plating. When plating, the staff has to pay attention to avoid bubbles, pitting and other problems happened on the badge. The colors of plating can be bright gold/silver/nickel/copper or black nickel, antique finishing…etc. 

Step 8 is to fill in colors. After plating, the coloring process will be carried out if the badges are designated to be with colors in filled .Because the production processes of soft enamel of badge are mainly manual, the staff must pay attention to environmental hygiene during coloring, minimizing the impurities in colors. Then epoxy coating--if clients ask for it on their badges.

Finally, quality control & packaging are to assure the badges with good quality and package prior to be sent out to clients.

We hope to establish a long-time business relationship with customers on the basis of our competitive prices, quality and service.