Modern Stylish Gift: Metal Money Clip


Nowadays, as people for the pursuit of retro fashion, metal money clip is as a kind of concise and fashion merchandise in the public’s vision, though there is people not using nor knowing metal money clip. 

Metal money clip is the most concise form of wallet, the materials and types of metal money clip are diverse, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium are more popular and pervasive among all the choices. The surface of metal money clip is smooth and burnished after the production processes: stamping-bending-polishing and plating. Metal money clip is a good and delicate gift with customized laser engraved or printed designs. Metal money clip is practical and good durable too.

The main differences of wallet and metal money clip as below: 

1. Wallet is big size and heavy, but metal money clip is small and light, no any pressure when carry metal money clip. 

2. The most of the materials for wallet is leather, imitation leather or fabric, uncomfortable feel when carry wallet in summer time. Metal money clip is made of metal, won’t leave you the warm touch while touching. 

3. Metal money clip is the best choice to clamp credit cards. Generally, wallet has interlayers to hold credit cards individually. 

Metal money clip can keep several cards. Metal money clip is convenient as use of clamping folded money notes and cards together easily.