What is the soft enamel pin?


Soft enamel pins are produced of iron, brass, zinc alloy or aluminum etc. The stamped metal is then plated and colored of your choice. The enamel colors are filled by hand onto the recess of the stamped metal. Different colors are separated by fine raised metal lines. If you prefer a smoother finish to the surface then adding epoxy can serve the purpose. Epoxy is a protective clear coating giving a shiny domed effect. All enamel pins are supplied with either metal or rubber clutch fixing as standard, other fixings available on request. 

This custom made soft enamel pins, produced at size is 25mm, with nickel plating. This enamel pins is without epoxy.

These custom made donation soft enamel “Smiling” pins is iron based with different soft enamel colors in-filled, black nickel plating and an epoxy coating. 

The soft enamel pin is one of our most popular choices for custom pins; the soft enamel pins offer a phenomenal look for at prices less than of the imitation cloisonné pins. The benefit of the soft enamel pin is that the raised metal and the recessed paint give the pin an almost 3D effect.