A combination of lanyards and sport medal


Medals are awarded to a person or an organization as a form of recognition for Olympics, sports, charity, promotional gifts, military or scientific etc. Most of sport medals will be combined with lanyards. Lanyards can be made of eco-friendly material: a comfortable polyester fabric; and they can be with designated logos and optional colors.  And lanyards can be with designated logos and optional colors.

Use professional printing and dyeing technology to make lanyard soft and smooth. 

On the other hand, lanyards will also be used for badges and medallions. 

How to make better medals and badges? Kotar can help you. Simply send us your guidelines with any logos and size, we will do the rest. We’re passionate about medals and badges. We’re here to work alongside you to help you to turn your ideas into a reality. If any of them interest you, you can find more information by browsing our web sites.