Metal Lapel Pin


We are the professional manufacturer for metal lapel pins with our own production workshops (departments) of stamping or injection, enamel, polishing, plating and packing. We Mainly supply good quality metal lapel pins for sports clubs, some organizations and the clients all over the world in fast delivery. So many thanks for the great supporting to the metal lapel pins’ orders from our customers in long term business relationship


Sample shown is for reference only


Hundreds of cartons of metal lapel pins which are made of iron, copper or zinc alloy soft enamel (new enamel) or printing are produced and delivered to our clients every month. The deliveries for tens of thousands of metal lapel pins monthly approve the popularity among fans and consumers, how hot sale they are!


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Sample shown is for reference only


With the better quality of the metal lapel pins, more orders are coming. Now, our metal lapel pins can be done under the automatic production machine for enameling or printing as to keep the better quality and faster delivery.



Sample shown is for reference only


We will go on to supply the fine metal lapel pins to our clients. Your inquiries and or Orders are expected.



Sample shown is for reference only