How to open a wine cork with a corkscrew


The Bottle Opener is a tool commonly used to open wine bottles when drinking. The Bottle Opener has various styles and models, including ordinary plastic Bottle Openers, wine knives (knife Bottle Openers), European Bottle Openers, and T-shaped Bottle Openers. Bottle opener, alloy bottle opener (butterfly bottle opener), vacuum bottle opener, electric bottle opener, desktop bottle opener, wall-mounted bottle opener, mini bottle opener, etc. Especially red wine, red wine is delicious, but its cork is more difficult to open. How does a Bottle Opener open a red wine cork?



First of all, we need to prepare an ordinary screw opener, and then follow the steps below to open the red wine bottle cap.


1. Remove the red wine tinfoil seal;


2. Align the auger with the center of the cork and rotate it vertically downward;


3. Turn until the auger has only one turn left;


4. Hold the red wine tightly, turn the rotatable sleeve with the other hand, and the cork will come out together with the auger.


When a bottle of wine was opened, but when the cork was about to be removed, the cork broke off and half remained in the bottle. What should I do if I encounter a blockage?


 Stainless Steel Bottle Opener


If the cork is broken due to drying and shrinkage, you can try to replace it with a clip Bottle Opener specially used for opening old wine bottles. The specific method is to insert the clip Bottle Opener into the bottle after the cork is stabilized. At this time, the old wine Bottle Opener is like a big tweezers, just carefully pinch the cork out. If you have needs for bottle openers.